Louran Dental Care

Dr. Amr's Journey

He is a dentistry graduate, class of 2008, from Alexandria University, specialised in implantology, and In 2009, only a year after his graduation from the Faculty of Dentistry., Dr. Amr Saad opened his first dental clinic in the elegant district of Louran in Alexandria.

His Challenges

Having more than 40 dentists working in five centres at the same time, the main challenge is maintaining the high quality our clients expect. We want to give all our clients the same quality of service with all the different doctors in the centre. We are determined to provide the best quality to our clients, ranging from the technical services we provide to the administrative functions involved, including our office secretarial functions, our call centers and reservation system. Everything in our dental centres is part of a system.

About LDC

Our main target and vision for Louran Dental Care Centres is to always get our work done with the best quality. We started with only one clinic in the centre. However, when work was stable quality-wise, we thought of launching more branches to reach more patients in different geographical areas, while applying our same vision throughout. We now have five branches, each of which have from three to four clinics with specialized dentists.

Our vision, in general, is to contribute to Egypt becoming one of the top countries in dentistry and always being up-to-date with the state of the art technologies in the field.

How to Find Us

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